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How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver

Best Electric ShaverChoosing the best electric shaver can be very hard to do since there are a lot of shavers for men to choose from. In addition to those many brands, different features are offered, as well as a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and colors. You also have to consider the quality it offers, together with the closeness, comfort and convenience it gives you.

Designs of every electric shaver vary according to gender. Men's electric shavers are designed for facial use where the hairs are tough and coarse whilst women's shavers are designed for the leg and underarm where there is finer, softer hair which means that women's shavers require motors with less power compared to shavers for men. That is a reason why women's electric shavers costs less compared to men's.

The cutting system of electric shavers also differs for both men and women. Men's electric shavers include two basic types: the rotary heads which cut the hairs poking through the metal face and are quieter and easier to use and clean; and, foil heads which work by sliding a perforated thin sheet of metal over the surface of the skin. The hairs penetrating the foil are sliced off by vibrating blades, like scissors. The women's electric shaver may include: an epilator, which some women find uncomfortable to use but prefer it as it usually only needs to be used every two to three weeks; and, foil models which are more like waxing because hairs are pulled out by tiny tweezers.

Mostly all of the electric shavers available today come in cordless forms requiring batteries for the power source. This feature makes it more convenient for business travellers. Thus, the electric shavers' charging systems need to be taken into consideration. There are those that provide a quick charging system, which is more popular. Warranties must not be taken for granted with the charging systems for every device may have a mechanical problem.

Knowing the things to consider when choosing an electric shaver can certainly help you find the best shaver. The three most popular brands of electric shaver today, which are considered by plenty as the best, are Braun's line of electric shaver, Philips Norelco electric shavers and Remington electric shavers. The result, convenience and comfort that an electric shaver gives you are the most important factors that you have to consider when buying one.