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What Is Hair Removal Wax?

Hair Removal WaxHair removal wax helps remove the entire body hair follicles from the roots having results that last up to six weeks.

A mixture of warm wax is spread over the hairy area that you want to remove. A cloth or a piece of paper is usually placed on top of the warm wax. After the wax has finally grasped the hair and has cooled, it is pulled to the opposite direction of the hair growth. If done correctly, the hair should be removed from the hair follicle.

Waxing hair can be done quickly. You can actually wax a big area all at once like the area from your ankle to your bikini line. Sometimes, frequent waxing can do damage to the hair follicle which will stop growing hair. You won't need to wax anymore if this happens. You can actually wax an area once. If all the hair does not come off, you cannot wax it again because your skin could become irritated and even bleed. If large patches of hairs are left, you can use tweezers or shave them off.

Among other places that unwanted hair growth occurs in are the nose and ears. Men, including some women, are having trouble controlling the growth of nasal and ear canal hair. There are, however, hair removal products that can aid you with this kind of problem. Hair removal products like nose hair and ear hair trimmers and nose hair removal creams, as well as ear hair removal electric razors.

Nair hair removal products are also great for removing unwanted hair, especially around the bikini area for women. Hair removal creams are quite common among women, which is why Nair has developed bikini creams for women. Nair claims that their product can remove unwanted hair in as little as three minutes. For women who may have sensitive skin, Nair has formulated a sensitive bikini cream that works gently, yet still is effective on the most sensitive areas.

There are two types of wax, cold wax is unheated and is attached to strips which will be placed over the area you want to wax, while the hot wax is warmed first and then applied on the skin. A few waxes can be used anywhere on the body, and some cannot be used over your genitalia areas and you facial areas.

Always test the wax in a small area first to know if you have any adverse reaction to the wax. There are hypoallergenic waxes for those prone to skin allergies, so know your skin sensitivity.

Get the wax that soothes the skin after waxing like waxes with aloe. You might want to consider sugar wax which you can make in your very own house.

Waxing is another way to remove hair aside from shaving. A lot of women prefer waxing because the results last longer than shaving since it removes the hair follicles from its roots. Ask professionals for any recommendations on what kind of wax to use. And learn how to wax correctly to prevent left over hairs on the area you just waxed.