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Sugaring Hair Removal - The Cheaper Way To Remove Unwanted Hairs

Sugaring Hair RemovalSugaring hair removal is like waxing. The difference between the two is that sugaring does not involve any heating process when applying it to the skin. Sugaring is less painful compared to waxing, and it gives you a higher degree of satisfaction when it comes to result.

There are two types of removing unwanted body hairs using sugaring method which are performed differently. The paste which is considered as the traditional technique is a warm thick mixture which is applied to the direction opposite to the direction of the hair growth then to the direction of the hair growth after. It is removed by scraping it off to the direction of the hair growth. While the gel, on the other hand, is applied similar to the direction of the hair growth and removed in the opposite direction, much more like waxing.

Since sugar is water soluble, you can clean it up easily after removing the hairs with the use of plain warm water.

Sugaring is easy to make that you can actually make your own in your own house! All you need is sugar, lemon or lime juice and a cup of water.

Like waxing, sugaring method can cause damage to your hair follicle stopping it from growing hair, giving you permanent results.

To make your very own, combine the sugar, lemon and a cup of water in a pan and bring it just to a boil with continuous stirring. When the mixture has turned to a rich amber color, remove the pan from the stove and allow it to cool partially in the pot. After 15 minutes or so, transfer the melted result to an air-tight container and allow it to fully cool. There are other ways to make this and each recipe differs.

This is better used when it is cold. Apply it directly onto the hair and pull it off. It is that easy.

For those who want a home made kind of hair removal which does not cause any allergic reaction, you can always make one for yourself. Search for recipes that you prefer for they differ according to the author. But all are easy to make and is less costly than buying a wax. There are commercially made sugar hair removal as well if you prefer those. Home made or commercially made, enjoy a hair free body without any adverse reactions!